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Clients at Empowerment Resource Center can be assured that their medical records are strictly confidential. Their medical records are not available to anyone, including family and friends, without written consent.

All medical records at Empowerment Resource Center are strictly confidential. Information about a client's care will be released only with the client's written permission.

All Empowerment Resource Center staff and employees adhere to established ethical principles and codes of professional practice, including client confidentiality.

All information concerning clients' visits to Empowerment Resource Center, including their identity, reason for visit, diagnosis, treatments, and billing information is considered confidential information.

The one exception to this is a life-threatening situation where a client is so ill they are unable to give consent.

Rights of Clients

  1. To be afforded impartial access to services regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, handicap condition, or age and to be treated with respect and dignity at all times.
  2. To refuse to talk with or see anyone not directly involved in the client's care or treatment. 
  3. To wear appropriate personal clothing and/or religious symbols, as long as such clothing and/or symbols do not interfere with services, treatment, or diagnostic procedures. 
  4. To be interviewed and examined in privacy and to have someone of the client's own gender present if requested. 
  5. To expect that his or her care and treatment be handled in confidence and that his or her medical record will be read only by authorized individuals. 
  6. To expect that ERC practices and its environment are reasonably safe at all times. 
  7. To know the identity of all persons providing service to him or her and the identity of the care provider who is primarily in charge or his/her case. 
  8. To expect complete and current information concerning his/her diagnosis (if known), treatment and prognosis in understandable terms. 
  9. To expect that diagnostic procedures or treatments will be performed only with consent. 
  10. To refuse services with the understanding that the ERC relationship may be terminated with reasonable notice, and to refuse transfer to another facility. 
  11. To request and receive an itemized and detailed explanation of services provided to him/her. 
  12. To initiate a complaint at any time during the course of treatment and to expect that it will be reviewed and resolved, if possible, in a reasonable period of time.

Responsibilities of Clients

  1. To provide accurate and complete information about your current complaints, medical history, risk factors, and past illnesses and behaviors.
  2. To comply with all ERC rules and regulations; to follow the orders of your provider and to be responsible for your own actions and outcomes if you refuse services or do not follow instructions.
  3. To assure that the financial obligations of your healthcare are fulfilled promptly.
  4. To be considerate of the rights of others and assist us in controlling noise, the number of visitors allowed and any other distractions which may affect client care.
  5. To accept responsibility for all personal property and valuables brought into the ERC.
  6. To ask your provider what to expect regarding screening and treatment.
  7. To report any risks in your care and any unexpected changes in your health condition.
  8. To help ERC improve services by providing feedback about your healthcare needs and expectations.

Incident Reporting

Point of contact for client or consumer rights violations:
Medical Director or Executive Director
Empowerment Resource Center
230 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 1800
Atlanta GA 30303
Telephone: 404-526-1145
Fax: 404-526-1146
Email: info@ERC-Inc.org

ERC Comprehensive Intervention Clinic

Our number one priority is to achieve better health outcomes and address health disparities for underserved, vulnerable, and hard to reach individuals.





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