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The mission of Empowerment Resource Center is to provide programs, services, and community-level solutions that improve the health-related quality of life for the communities we are privileged to serve. 


Achieving Better Health Outcomes: One Client At A Time


Empowerment Resource Center (ERC) is a non-profit, community-based organization, with a 501(C)(3) status.  Established in 2003 and incorporated in 2006, ERC provides health-related program and services, more specifically HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention education, risk reduction and family planning counseling, testing, referral, and treatment services, reproductive health services, substance abuse treatment and recovery services, mental health therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication management, social services and primary medical case management, client advocacy and navigation services, and primary care linkages. ERC focuses on a broader array of services, assisting both individuals infected and affected by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

ERC possesses several operational resources, which include the Comprehensive Intervention Clinic, Behavioral Health and Outreach Services, and its mobile outreach vehicle fleet, ERC on the M.O.V.E (Mobile Outreach Vehicles).  Each strengthens ERC's capability to directly deliver programs and services and implement its operational strategy. 



The Comprehensive Intervention Clinic is an STI screening and acute treatment clinic.  It is a fully-equipped for laboratory specimen collection and processing, private medical examinations, immunization and treatment services, risk reduction and family planning counseling, and health education workshops.  The clinic offers free to low-cost health care services and is registered with the Georgia Medical Composite Board, a participating safety-net clinic under the Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program, and a nationally recognized STI and Family Planning clinic under the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration 340B program.  ERC is a medical home to over 500 patients.



The Behavioral Health & Outreach Services (BHOS)  is a non-residential substance abuse treatment and mental health services facility.  This non-residential outpatient facility houses the Integrated Care Partnership of Metro Atlanta (ICP Program), which is funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration and is licensed by the Georgia Department of Community Health, Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program (DATEP) to conduct ASAM Level I and ASAM Level II programs.  Through its ICP Program, ERC has provided intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment and mental health therapy, substance abuse relapse prevention, psychiatric evaluation and psychotropic medication management, and primary medical case management with substance abuse and co-occurring behavioral health disorders.  


ERC On The M.O.Ve

The foundation of the ERC on the M.O.Ve (Mobile Outreach Vehicle) program are our trained and dedicated staff members and volunteers who have supported the street outreach activities through the provision of mobile testing and risk-reduction services. The ERC on the M.O.Ve program consists of a Goshen Coach Bus and and a 15-passenger van and increases the accessibility and availability of point-of-care services for vulnerable, underserved, and hard-to-reach participants, and provides services at satellite locations through Memorandums of Understanding.  Across the state of Georgia, ERC offers its services at collaborator facilities in 26 counties and eight Public Health Districts.  For over ten years, ERC has offered outreach activities and services in non-traditional venues and at non-traditional times.

ERC Comprehensive Intervention Clinic

Our number one priority is to achieve better health outcomes and address health disparities for underserved, vulnerable, and hard to reach individuals.





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